S-o-A Community Art Project

Who and what is the S-o-A Community Art Project?

The S-o-A Community Art Project is facilitated and supported by the hard working Clopton Community Action Group, with funding which has come from developer contributions made under a Section 106, secured from S-o-A District Council. The project will run for 18 months, providing a diverse range of workshops. The project’s artistic lead, Helen Kilby Nelson, is keen that all the workshops are a co-creation with residents, using creativity to develop connections between residents in the community.

The underlying theme for this project is language, and how the community communicates and connects with each other and its surroundings. Workshops will, where possible, take place at the Ken Kennett Centre or outdoors. There will also be remote workshops which are delivered online, or as workshop kits. This is because we want everyone to feel able to join in, in a way that is comfortable for them.

Workshops are designed to be informative as well as fun and an opportunity to learn new skills. These could include traditional skills such as knitting, sewing, cooking, gardening. Or perhaps music, video creation and editing, printing, or writing.

As we collect and collate the language of the area, from it’s colours, textures, sounds and stories we will co-create a new visual language that represents residents and the area. How this manifests, who knows? That’s what we will discover together!

Upcoming events can be found here Coming Soon and you can contact us with any queries or wishes here Contact

Camera Obscura

During a Drop In Day, on Saturday 5th September, one of which is for a camera obscura workshop. A way of looking at something familiar in an unfamiliar way. Residents were invited to step inside this large scale camera obscura to see what it was all about. Local artist Andy Nelson transformed the Ken Kennett Centre into a huge camera obscura and filmed the resulting moving images that appeared on the back wall. The film is available here https://youtu.be/EYT5e6M_Dl4

Drop-in Day

Drop-in Day was an opportunity for local residents to come and share their ideas and requests. We wanted to know what you the residents wanted from the art project. If you weren’t able to make it, you can still give us our input via the Contact button.

Workshop Ideas

Some of the workshop ideas for inspiration!

“I really enjoy living around here, everyone has been so welcoming. I do hope more people turn up to the workshops, they are such a good way to meet people and learn more about the area.

Workshop participant

Let’s make it matter.

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